Thursday, December 22, 2016

JARCH Vis Update

So back in May, I said it would be a couple weeks until windows were supported. Obviously, it has been much longer than that. School and work have kept me busy, but I have been working on the newest release which will be out before I go back to school in a couple weeks. Some of the improvements for the newest version will be:

  1. Major rewrites of many parts, more reliable, faster
  2. The code for shingles has been rewritten allowing shingles to now be used when converting a plane into a roof object.
  3. Windows will be included
  4. When converting a plane into a roof object, face rotation and pitch will be automatically determined, and will not have to be entered manually.
  5. Better handling of materials to be quicker
  6. All code should follow PEP standards, and be easier to read and maintain
  7. For this release I will be hosting the code on GitHub, which is what I will be doing from now on, as most of the rest of my projects are already on there.

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