Add Siding

Add Siding:
Version: 0.5

How To Use:
  • Install Addon
  • -New object-
    • Add siding object via View 3D > Add > Mesh > Siding
    • Parameters are accessed in the toolbar (T)
    • Adjust to desired siding
  • -From object-
    • Add plane and rotate up and to desired position
    • Select "From Object"
    • Adjust to desired siding
    • If unusual clipping happens on the edges then use the "X-Offset" parameter to correct them.
  • ---IMPORTANT--- Once you go and move the object or do certain things it will automatically and permanently set the siding. So make sure you have what you want before you do those things.
  • There are 11 different types of siding that it will create
  • It is recommended that you read the manual first

Wood: Vertical Board & Batten

Tin: Normal

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