Curve Converter

Curve Conversion
Current Version: 0.8

How To Use:
  • Install addon
  • Add curve, set "Fill" to "Full", then adjust bevel depth and resolution till satisfied
  • Option 1: Add mesh object, go to panel (View 3D > Tools > Tools > Curve Conversion) and select curve object and then click "Convert/Update Mesh"
  • Option 2: Go to panel (View 3D > Tools > Tools > Curve Conversion) and click "Add Mesh Object"
  • Then just click update once you update the curve
  • "Respect Scale" copies the scale from the curve to the mesh object
  • If you have multiple curves selected then "Add Mesh Object" takes all those curves and makes them one object while "Add Multiple Objects" creates a separate object for each of them
  • "Propagate Changes" updates all the meshes that are associated with that curve


The bottom one is the source and the top one is the copy. One is a mesh and the other is a curve, this allows curve modeling quickly and easy conversion to a mesh while still maintaining your ability to later edit the curve.

Release Log:
  • Version 0.3 1/5/15
    • Updates including being able to create the mesh object straight from the curve as well as being able to make multiple curves one mesh or into multiple mesh objects.
  • Version 0.4 1/6/15
    • Fixed major location bug as well as material issues
  • Version 0.5 1/7/15
    • Added in "Propagate Changes" features which allowed all the mesh copying from a curve to be updated in a single click.
  • Version 0.6 2/9/15
    • Fixed errors that came from trying to use in edit mode, which isn't allowed.
  • Version 0.7 2/13/15
    • Made it so materials are transferred correctly and aren't lost when "Update Mesh" is clicked.
  • Version 0.8 2/7/16
    • JuhaW on BlenderArtist forked a version and made it so that Propagate Changes was available in edit-mode. I just copied his implementation into the main version.

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