Material IO

Material IO
Current Version: 1.3

How To Use:
  • Install addon
  • Go to Properties > Materials and have a material selected.
  • Then decide if you want to have images paths absolute, meaning they will only work if they are in the exact location on your hard drive, or relative, which means they will be packed into a folder. Ignore if no images in material.
  • Then select a file path, and click export.
  • You can then select the .bmat file and import it again where ever you want, in a different .blend file, or on a different computer.
  • If the file path was exported as absolute, and the images are not found they will just not be loaded.
  • The image path options are "Absolute" and "Make Paths Relative" the first gives the exact location for the image on your computer, the other packs any images into a folder with the .bmat.
  • Compress folder will only do so if a folder is needed.
  • When import type is set to "Multiple", just select on of the .bmat files where you want to load from, it will look around that file and import any others that are there.


Release Log:
  • Version 0.1 2/2/15
    • This is the original release, probably still a lot of bugs, and Blender Internal nodes are not supported yet.
  • Version 0.2 2/4/15
    • Blender Internal materials should now be completely supported, multiple materials can be exported at once, as well as imported at once. Folders can be zipped and compress as well.
  • Version 0.3 2/5/15
    • Frames now supported properly, several bugs fixed.
  • Version 0.4 2/5/15
    • Major update, RGB curves and Vector curves are now supported!
  • Version 0.5 2/5/15
    • Minor update, added some extra data that is transferred. From now on it will be backwards compatible. That way you don't have to keep exporting the materials over and over again.
  • Version 0.6 2/6/15
    • File zipping error that caused unnecessary folders fixed, plus several other bugs with group nodes. Mute, color, and use_custom_color for each node added. Should still be compatible with version 0.5 files though.
  • Version 0.7 2/16/15
    • Fixed bug that caused Value input nodes to throw an error.
  • Version 0.8 6/22/15
    • Changed UI around a little bit
  • Version 0.9 8/11/15
    • Added support for Generic Note Node Addon
  • Version 1.0 10/1/15
    • Added support for the Mitsuba Render Engine
  • Version 1.1 10/8/15
    • Images now work with the Mistuba Render Engine.
  • Version 1.2 1/2/16
    • Fixed issue with exporting and importing Value and RGB input nodes in Cycles
  • Version 1.3 1/18/16
    • Under the hood modifications, cleaned code up and fixed certain issues with some nodes.
    • Infinite?!? grouping is now supported by switching to recursion.

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