Nature Materials

Uploaded By: Jacob Morris, License: CC BY, Attribution: By "COASHDUFHAFOU" - changes made, Render Engine: Cycles, Description: A nice procedural material with SSS (CPU rendering required currently).

Orange Peel:

Uploaded By: Jacob Morris, License: CC0, Attribution: By "nburgin" - changes made, Render Engine: Cycles, Description: A nice looking orange peel material.


  1. Why in bmat? How can I convert it to cycles?

    1. .bmat is a file format for an add-on I created called Material IO. That add-on allowed all the information necessary to the material to be put in a much more compact file. So to use these materials, you need to install Material IO (can be found in Released Scripts & Themes) and then download the .bmat file and use the add-on to import it.

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